We have just received the green light to reopen starting next week starting May 13th.

I will be reaching out to everyone about setting up appointments, however, we are still waiting for guidelines and rules from the state.

Please remember that I have about 5 weeks of appointments that I need to go through. It's going to be a slow process and I will do my best to get everyone in. We've made it this long...Hang in there!

This will be a collective effort to restore some levels of normalcy, but it will come with changes to ensure safety and a positive experience.

With that being said, here is how you can help with making the best of our "new normal"...

• Please know that you were missed and that I am grateful for your return. ️

• Please know that safety measures were created for all involved.

• Please know the importance of coming to the salon alone. Although we are a smaller salon, extra people in the salon compromises everyone.

• Please know I cannot physically or mentally work 16-hour days, 7 days a week, as rest is essential for all.

• Please know that your initial services will take more time.

• Please know that coming in sick is NOT an option.

• Please know that walk-ins are not an option. Booking online is the only way to get an appointment.

• Please know that rescheduling hundreds of clients will take time. I will do my best to get everyone in, in an orderly and in a timely fashion.

• Please know that when you arrive you will need to wait until I give you the go ahead before entering the building, having your cell phone handy in your car will help considerably.

• Please know that I am thrilled to see you but hugs and handshakes will be on a pause for now, as your presence is the best hug ever. ️

• Please know that your health is the biggest concern.

• Please know that I have already lost thousands of dollars and have no desire to replace it with a ventilator for either of you, be patient.

• Please know that if your health is already high risk, you need to wait, your health is more important.

• Please know that your opinion of the entire situation won't change laws and rules necessary for everyone's safety, keep the conversation to hair and how I can enhance your beauty.

• Please know that while trying to connect with me, that there are hundreds of others attempting the same thing, responses will be slow coming as I am preparing everything and answering everyone simultaneously.

• Please know, above all else, no one is more excited about your arrival than I am - help make it the best appointment ever!

Together, we can make this work safely for all.



Love you and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards,

Ronesia Barrs