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Fashion Breeze Daytona 2017

Ina Pandora Photography

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Mane Interest online

The Right Hairstyles online

“Solemn City”

Perfect Population by KL Allen

M Bag for Lux Label USA

Creative Director: Clyde Lewis

Photographer: Derek Hightower

Model: Desiree Sawyer, Dede the Model, Jessica Wiley, Alexei Antov, Deion Smith, Kay Morrison,

Wardrobe Stylist: KL Allen

Hair: Ronesia Barrs

Mua: Natalie Lawas




Recreation of Jan Vermeer's painting "A New Necklace"


Photographer: Chirasak Rattanapanyakun 
Make-up Artists: Mikel Cain and Iam Saran 
Hair Stylist: Ronesia Barrs 
Model: Brittany Lee Hellmeister



CULTIVATION FIVE designers Natalie Thomas, Alix Hendry, and Mandy Cobb 
MUAs: Mikel Cain and Saran Lawson
HairStylist: Ronesia Barrs

Photographer: Garrin Evans


JEZEBEL Magazine December 2012 Issue

























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