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Don't Forget to Deep Condition

There are so many reasons why you should deep condition your hair, no matter if it's ‪‎relaxed‬ or ‪natural‬ ...It keeps your hair protected from things that we have no control over like the environment (wind, pollutants, sun, etc) and also protects our hair from ourselves! With all of the manipulation, coloring, heat styling, and hair accessories, deep conditioners are great for preventive measures too! You don’t want to wait until you see damage to want to use it. A good deep conditioner is so worth it and with added heat, it can bring life back to your hair and add bounce and body. My favorite to use is Macadamia Hair deep repair masque and I always seal my conditioner with my favorite nourishing moisture oil by ‪‎Macademia‬. Also, detangling has been made so easy with The Wet Brush , my new fav for all hair types!

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